Projects coordinated by the WARGAME-research group aim at assessing potential impacts of conflict-themed narrative computer games. Bringing together research environments from Norway, the UK, and the Netherlands, the group's interdisciplinary framework combines approaches from the Humanities, psychology, and the empirical social sciences and brings these together with critical games design to enable multi-dimensional, integrative, and practice-oriented perspectives on potential effects of gameplay.

Please consult the WARGAME-research group website for further information.

In 2013 a funding application was sent to the Norwegian Research Council (FRIPRO). Despite very positive feedback regarding scientific merit and the expertise of the cooperating partners, the project did not receive funding. Project summary, project description, and project evaluation can be accessed here.

Sufficient funding provided, the research group aims at extending the relevant scholarly network and will send renewed applications to the Norwegian Research Council in 2015/16. Targeted calls: FRIPRO, KULMEDIA & SAMKUL.

In addition, we aim at developing a robust research network to be able to engage in an EU application process in 2016/17.

More information on individual WARGAME-scholars can be accessed here.

Start-up symposium at UiT: April 23-24, 2015

UiT provided funding for a two-days symposium in April 2015. Day 1 will feature open talks by national and international project partners, while day 2 will be dedicated to closed planning and development meetings. More info here.

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