Gameplay In Focus A Perspective On Qualitative Research In Game Studies

As interactive media experienced through gameplay, games cannot be fully understood through analysis alone. As emergent systems that may react differently to different playstyles, games need to be studied from a variety of gameplay perspectives. When studying the experiences that players have with games, it is essential to employ methods that take into the account the textual dimension of the game (the game content) as well as the meaning-making processes that takes place inside the player (the player experiences). In this talk I will argue for the importance of a player perspective, not only in studies focusing on the user perspective, but also in game analyses and studies aiming to understand games themselves as media texts and how they communicate.

Kristine Jørgensen, Associate Professor at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen, is visiting UiT Tromsø to give a lecture on the methodology used in the research project "Games and Transgressive Aesthetics".

The GTA project is funded by the Research Council of Norway through the FRIPRO programme. A three months pre-study is financed by the Council for Applied Media Research (RAM).

The guest lecture is funded and made possible by the international research project WARGAME.

Video recording of the lecture available: []

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