Reflections on the design process, development and use of the educational board game Misson Z: One last chance

This lecture will account for the use of non-formal education for institutions in the dissemination sector, focusing on the Narvik War Museum and the use of games and simulation exercises. A key point will be to look at the rationale and development of the educational exercise “Mission Z: One last chance” – a structured, experiential learning exercise which takes up key dynamics of a war situation. Non-formal education has the potential to rouse participants’ emotions and stimulate a kind of self-reflection that is invaluable for learning about values touching upon remembrance, prejudice, human rights, and peacebuilding.

The lecture will also try to highlight some of the effectiveness of the learning exercise through qualitative assessment of the observations and discussions that follow each session of the exercise.

Joakim Arnøy, Coordinator of youth work and peacebuilding at the Narvik Peace and War Centre/Narvik War Museum to talk about the project Borderline Boardgames, of which the development of “Mission Z: One last chance” was a part.

The project ‘Borderline Boardgames’ was co-funded by an Erasmus + Youth in Action grant of. For more information:

Trailer to “Mission Z”:

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