Queer Art In Czech And Slovak Context

Historian, critic, and curator Zuzana Štefková (Ph.D.) holds a guest lecture on Czech and Slovak contemporary art in the light of non-normative gender identities and practices.

Within the scope of Czech and Slovak art, an explicit voicing of the issues of sexual and gender non-normativity are still rather rare and so is their theoretical and conceptual framing. In my talk, I will present examples of art works and exhibitions openly dealing with the above-mentioned themes. By doing so, I intend to pose the following questions: What are the characteristic features of art produced by Czech and Slovak self-identified gay, lesbian and queer artists? How do these artists respond to their art being viewed through the prism of their sexuality and non-binary gender identity? And last but not least, can we actually speak of “queer art” in Czech and Slovak context?

Zuzana Štefková (Ph.D.) is art historian, critic, and curator. She teaches courses at the Academy of Art, Architecture, and Design in Prague and is co-founder of c2c: Circle of Curators and Critics. She currently works as the curator of Artwall Gallery.

Her visit is the result of an initiative by the Department of Language and Culture and the Centre for Peace Studies at UiT Tromsø.

Video recording of the lecture available here.

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