Technogenesis: The Co-Evolution of Humans and Machines
Prof. Katherine Hayles from Duke University visits UiT to give two guest lectures on Monday September 29, 2014. In this second lecture, she looks more closely into the concept of technogenesis.

13:15-14:45 at room E-06 (Centre for Peace Studies)

A recording of the lecture can be accessed here. Filming by RESULT, UiT Tromsø.

Technogenesis, or the co-evolution of humans and technics, is virtually as old as the human species. In the twentieth century, however, the advent of intelligent technologies has significantly changed the ways in which co-evolution is proceeding. These changes include not only neurological transformations in human brains but also the dynamics of interdependence between complex human systems and complex technical systems. The implications for theoretical frameworks include the need for broader definitions of cognition that include the possibility for nonconscious cognition and re-interpreting the creation of meaning.

The lecture is open for UiT students (MA) and staff. Please inform Holger Pötzsch (on.tiu|hcsztop.regloh#on.tiu|hcsztop.regloh) beforehand in case you intend to bring a sizeable group of students.

More info on Katherine Hayles can be found here.

The guest lectures are an initiative of the ENCODE-research plattform (UiT) and are funded by the Dept. of Culture and Literature and the Centre for Peace Studies (UiT Tromsø).

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