Characters as Source: Encryption, OPSEC, and Source Protection as Filmmakers' Tools

UiT Tromsø room E-0103 on Tuesday November 17, 13:15 - 15:00


A video recording of the lecture is available here

In this guest lecture, the co-producer and cinematographer behind Citizenfour, Katy Scoggin, tells the story of the production of Laura Poitras' Academy award winning documentary about NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. She chronicles the transformation of a 'usual' documentary film into a project to document the emergence of the most significance political scandal in modern history.

Scoggin provides the immediate historical context of Citizenfour and touches upon issues relevant for practitioners as well as academics. Explaining how the characters of Poitras' film became high-value sources, the protection of which necessitated ever-new methods to avert surveillance, tracking, and apprehension, she also touches upon concrete examples of freely-available shareware solutions that serve such purposes. In combining historical context with own experiences and political background with concrete recommendations, Scoggin's presentation illustrates both the pitfalls of contemporary techno-politics and shows the potentials of contemporary journalism and film making to not only critically comment upon, but also actively shape and re-shape politics.

Katy Scoggin is a Graduate Assistant in cinematography at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She has been a Fullbright scholar in Berlin and currently works on a documentary about exceptional women over 80 - Women of a Certain Age.

Scoggin's visit is the result of a cooperation between the Dept. of Culture and Literature, the Centre for Peace Studies, the ENCODE-research group (all UiT), and the Norwegian Peace Film Award.

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