Artwall Gallery And Cze

Historian, critic, and curator Zuzana Štefková (Ph.D.) holds a guest lecture on contemporary Czech and Slovak critical art. The talk is based on her experiences as a curator of the Artwall Gallery in Prague.

In 2005, the Centre for Contemporary Art has initiated an open air gallery located in large stone frames in a wall flanking the embankment of Vltava river in the downtown area of Prague. Since that time Artwall Gallery presented dozens of exhibitions seen by literally hundreds of thousand of people. In 2008, a critical exhibition project entitled "Collective Identity" by Guma Guar art group led the Municipality of the City of Prague - the owner of the gallery site - to withdraw from the leasing contract. The management of the Municipality wasn't able to bear the artists' critical view of its campaign promoting the Olympic Games in Prague in 2016 and closed the entire gallery down. Three years later, after personal changes in the Municipality management, Artwall Gallery was brought back to life. It became the only gallery in Prague dedicated to the continuous display of art with explicitly political message. The lecture will introduce selected exhibition projects presented by Artwall Gallery and place them in a wider social context thus mapping key themes and issues in Czech and Slovak critical art.

Zuzana Štefková (Ph.D.) is art historian, critic, and curator. She teaches courses at the Academy of Art, Architecture, and Design in Prague and is co-founder of c2c: Circle of Curators and Critics. She currently works as the curator of Artwall Gallery.

Her visit is the result of an initiative by the Department of Language and Culture and the Centre for Peace Studies at UiT Tromsø.

Video recording of the lecture available here

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