Project Wikifjord is an educational netbased digital role-playing game that utilizes the platform to develop practictioner skills for bachelor students in media studies. The pilot project was utilized in the fall semester of 2015 in which the roleplaying took place in the virtual Norwegian municipality of Wikifjord where the students were able to complete a limited set of work tasks in different organizations related to the municipality. Among these organizations were the local library, the local newspaper, the branch of a national environmental organization, a privately owned international fishing company, and so on.

As employees at the virtual organizations, the students are required to complete relevant work tasks in a playful manner in a fictional and realistic setting. They are able to cover local events as journalists in the local newspaper Wikifjordposten, make an online exhibition about the history of Wikifjord at the local library, write press releases or brochures for other organizations, or make a marketing concept on behalf of the fishing company, and so on. All these work tasks are done as a fictional character that the student creates. In this way the students do not write as themselves but as the fictional character. Students are in this way engaged through play, as well as lowering the threshold for writing and completing work tasks.

The main teaching results is focused on web creation & editing of multimedia, knowledge about copyrights and use of creative common products online, practical writing, formatting, and design skills, experience with professional relation between organizations, knowledge and experience with some of the challenges and limitations one encounters as an employer in the different organizations. The wikidot framework allowed for easy subpage creations and extra modules, thereby increasing the flexibility for the students and their wishes and motivations.

This was the outcome of the 2015 pilot project (in Norwegian): Previous role-playing games

The Wikifjord 2016 role play can be accessed here.

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